"Beauty is found everywhere. Our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty, but a lack of observation."

- Auguste Rodin -

Since 1997, the mission of The EKO Group has been to discover the beauty in everyday life and bring it to realization with our products.

In the early years of the company, EKO focused on developing and manufacturing high quality houseware products for commercial use. For the next decade, the product line grew steadily and with our success we began to focus on our brand image. The name EKO was inspired by and embodies our dedication to bettering your environment, by keeping your space clean and improving the quality of your living space.

We realized that aesthetics can be incorporated into everyday household objects. We believe there is art and style that can be brought to life by innovation in the design and function of the household waste bin. EKO took the opportunity to re-brand the waste bin as a stylish, environmentally conscious product and send the message that there is beauty to be found in everyday products.

EKO is dedicated to protecting the cleanliness of your environment by making our products stylish and easy to use. Today we continue to carry our passion forward by helping consumers to discover the beauty in your everyday living space, no matter where you are.

Brand Story - The Art of Living

The everyday connotation of a trash bin is far from pleasant: dirty, odorous, difficult to clean, and a noisy sound when the lid closes.

EKO's founder James Chen wanted to make a change and elevate the home trash can to an object with a designer quality that complements your home. Mr. Chen channels this passion into changing the creation of the waste bin into today's EKO product, that is stylish and functional.

Many years ago I was invited to a beautifully designed German home. The interior and furniture were very stylish and sophisticated and beautifully designed. However, after dinner when my host was clearing the trash, the trash can almost tipped over and the lid slammed shut with a loud noise, interrupting our conversation and startling everyone.

At that moment, I had an idea. Why can't the trash can be made with the same passion for design and style as the other pieces in the home? This realization prompted me to focus my skill and design into re-inventing the waste bin.

With this new purpose, I devoted my attention to product research and development. Sometimes I would wake up at 3 a.m. just to write down an idea I have in my dreams.

- James Chen, Founder of EKO

Striving for perfection means continuous rejection and revision in the product development process in order to be proud of the craftsmanship that is "Made by EKO". The company pays attention to the smallest details of their products.

We are harsh on ourselves and we keep rejecting our own work, just to challenge ourselves to come up with something better, closer to perfection. To EKO, hardworking, responsible, and creative are the words to describe the brand's spirit. No good product is ever developed overnight. EKO is always pursuing something better. We are always looking for ways to incorporate the environmental spirit, beautiful styles, cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness into our products. This pursuit is at the core of our brand.

- James Chen, Founder of EKO

Brand Positioning -Intelligent, Environmental Living - EKO is your life's artist.

We are not promoting a certain kind of beauty in life, but to live life with a conviction to discover beauty.

We are not providing a certain kind of art, but the products to live life more artistically.

We strive to give you the means to reimagine the everyday objects in life as something beautiful.

At EKO, we remove the boredom and unpleasantness of taking out the trash, and reinvent the waste bin to be a stylish, intelligent piece in your home.

Brand Spirit - Hardworking, Responsible, Creative

HARDWORKING: EKO believes our tireless work and dedication to our products is at the core of our success. We are always looking for inspiration in life and ways to continuously improve the quality of our products.

RESPONSIBLE: To build a brand is to build a promise. EKO 's responsibility and promise to our customers is one of the most important aspects to the foundation of the brand. From product research and development, manufacturing, packaging, and after-sales service, EKO keeps its promise of high quality products and customer service.

CREATIVE: Creativity and innovation sparked the beginning of EKO. When others are bounded by the traditional image of the waste bin, EKO saw the potential of the product to be reinvented and reimagined. By creating a brand new perception of what a waste bin can be, EKO has become a leader in the industry. " A little better, much better." No change is too small for EKO. We believe a small change can make a big difference in the user's experience.

Brand Core Values

Environmental, Intelligent and User Friendly


What is EKO craftsmanship? It is incorporating scientific intelligence, design and craft into one. To improve the user's experience, no detail is too small for EKO. All products go through a rigorous process of research, development, manufacturing, and inspection. Every product is well designed as a piece of art, not just a utility product. We tirelessly research what should the sensor range be for our sensor cans for the best user experience. What should the curvature of the pedal be for the best practicality and style?

We continue to ask these questions when we design our products. With you in mind, we now use fingerprint proof technology on our stainless steel surfaces to keep the products looking new and easy to clean.